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''Shai Brenner is a virtuoso. He has emerged on the scene as one of Israel's finest musicians, carving himself a niche in the global echelons of contemporary jazz music.'' Scott Krane, Jazz Times and The Jerusalem Post.

שי ברנר

What's in the Show?

 The best hits of Louis Armstrong, and New Orleans jazz favorites.
Samba and Bossa Nova - A pure pleasure of
Brazilian exiting music.
The best of Sidney Bechet, the soprano saxophone and jazz pioneer .
Gypsy jazz
- The music of Django Reinhardt, the legendary guitarist.
Swing - Celebrate the style that made millions of people enthusiastic.
This premium and prestigious show combines fascinating stories.

Above and beyond being a professional saxophone player, Shai Brenner dedicates voluntary musical performances to the people of Israel in times of distress and crisis: playing for seriously and terminally ill people in hospital wards, for children with cancer, for the elderly, and for bereaved families.

In this activity, Shai is a source of inspiration and a great human legacy for future musicians.

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